About Us


We’ve all experienced the feeling of being stuck in a cage at one point in our lives, be it emotional, spiritual, or physical. Coffee Companions was created to free shelter dogs from their cages, one bag of coffee at a time. One dollar from each bag of coffee sold is donated to the Silicon Valley Pet Project in San Jose, CA to help pups in need. Everyone deserves a second chance, and we can work together to give one to shelter dogs everywhere.

Our Mission

To sell quality coffee products and merchandise to compassionate coffee consumers to help dog rescue organizations give shelter dogs a second chance at life by donating portions of coffee and merchandise sales to their life-saving work.

Our Story

Kevin’s journey to getting involved with Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) and becoming the founder and CEO of Coffee Companion Coffee Co. started after his mother passed away in 2015. In the midst of this profound loss, he found himself in a dark place – but was soon presented with an opportunity to raise and train service dogs for people living with disabilities. 

This sparked something in Kevin, who was reinvigorated by the opportunity to help others. Little did he know, the experience would completely change his life! It helped him grieve, improve his self-esteem, pursue the path toward three  degrees, and led him to partner with SVPP! In addition to monetary donations, Kevin also donates his time to SVPP by dog training, walking, and grooming, and creating adoption videos (like this one about Phantom the Pitbull Cuddle Bug!) to assist with finding forever homes for pups in need. Kevin and SVPP are a perfect match – because they are both committed to rescuing at-risk pets by providing much-needed medical care and behavioral support to special needs animals who need it the most. 

So how does coffee come in? Not only is it the second most-popular drink in America,  it brings people together. It has the powerful ability to facilitate conversation and make a positive impact through those connections.

Every coffee bean has its own unique flavor characteristics that vary from region to region. Those characteristics and the uniqueness of that region and its people come through in each of our blends. Coffee Companions seeks to serve as a bridge for people to experience the various coffee flavors of the world while making a difference at home.


Coffee Companions Coffee Co and Silicon Valley Pet Project Partnership Video